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Ultrasol Magnum range of crystalline fertilizers

Description:In our company you can find the series of quality crystalline fertilizers Ultrasol Magnum from the global giant SQM and are distinguished by the ACID logo on the packaging.

What makes the Ultrasol Magnum range stand out is the low pH of their formulation which is beneficial for crops as it reduces the degree of soil acidification. In this way, the ideal conditions for the absorption of nutrients present in the soil are created locally in the root area.

Better absorption and utilization of the nutrients added or present in the soil equals more effective nutrition and, by extension, robust plant growth that will result in increased and higher quality production.

The range includes 3 types of crystalline fertilizers fully water-soluble, distinguished by the purity of the raw material and suitable for all crops. What should be taken into account when using them is the stage of development of the crop.

Ultrasol Magnum fertilizers are enriched with essential trace elements and chlorine-free characteristics that give the grower who uses them extra quality value.

As fully water-soluble they can be applied by all application methods such as drip irrigation, water sprays, sprinkler systems and intermittent irrigation.

Type of fertilizer Purpose of the application Manufacturer Available packages
Ultrasol Acid 20-20-20+ IXN Balanced nutrition


Ultrasol Magnum Acid 18-44 (Urea Phosphate) Enhancing rooting in the early stages and stimulating flowering
Ultrasol Magnum 15-15-30+ IXN Maintaining the crop in good nutritional condition with emphasis on Potassium to increase sweetness (sugars) and fruit size


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