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Ultrasol 20-20-20+TE Acid


Total nitrogen 20,1%

Nitrate nitrogen 5,5%

Ammoniacal nitrogen 2,6%

Nitrogen urate 12%

Phosphorus pentoxide 20,1%

Potassium oxide 20,1%

Iron (EDTA) 0,042%

Zinc (EDTA) 0,015%

Manganese (EDTA) 0,025%

Copper (EDTA) 0,004%

Boron 0,02%

Molybdenum 0,002%

Description: The acid fertilizers of the Ultrasol Magnum series, in addition to the nutrients they contain, acidify the area around the root area creating better growth and production conditions for the crop.

Packaging: 25kg


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