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Total nitrogen ( N) 2%

Total Humic Extract: 16%

Humic acids: 12%

Fulvic acids: 4% Organic matter: 16%


HEPTABIOL RAD is an aqueous concentrate of plant origin from aromatic plants with nutritional properties. Its final composition has a high content of molecules that act complementarily and synergistically with each other. In this way, the product, when incorporated into the root system of the plant, fully improves its performance. The plant extract contained in the product has a defined effect on plant growth. Actions and advantages of its use


  1. Increases the lignin content of the root cell wall.
  2. Stimulates the formation of root hairs.
  3. Uniform growth and improved production.
  4. Increases resistance against pathogens.
  5. Increases pollen production and fruit setting.
  6. Facilitates the flow of nutrients into the plant.
  7. Improves the structure of the soil.

Available packages: 1L


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