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PHOSPHORIC Description: Phosphoric acid liquid fertilizer 0-60-0 (85%).
“FOSPHORIC” is an acid phosphorus fertilizer for hydrofertilization, suitable for irrigation water with high salinity and calcareous soils found in many areas of Cyprus. It is absorbed and assimilated entirely by the plants, resulting in rapid rooting of the plants as well as increased fruit set.
“FOSPHORIC” reduces the pH of the soil solution improving the availability of nutrients and their absorption. This increases the yield of crops and improves the quality of products. The “acid action” of “FOSPHORIC” increases the uptake of many nutrients and helps to release bound trace elements (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu) in calcareous/alkaline soils.
“FOSPHORIC” neutralizes the salts of the irrigation water so that there is no closing of the irrigation system drops. In this way, it ensures longer life of irrigation systems, uniform and more efficient distribution of water and fertilizers. Can be used for blocking (opening) closed drops of the irrigation system
Available packages: 10L (17.5kg), 20L (35kg), 1000L (1750kg)

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